Friday, June 22, 2012

Skype Discussion on the Topic of Intercultural Education.

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, a member of the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy (USCCD), helped launch a pilot project, a series of monthly discussions between Americans and Ukrainians via the Window on America Centers in Lutsk, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Embassy in Kyiv and USCCD.

In the framework of that pilot project on June 21, 2012 at 10:00 am (DC time) - 5:00 pm (Ukraine time) the discussion with Lutsk Window on America Center was held and it covered the topic of Intercultural Education.
The format of discussion was a Skype video conference call: 40 minutes speaker's presentation, and 40 minutes - Q&A. The working  language was Ukrainian.
There were invited two speakers on the topic of Intercultural Education:
Elvira Kizilova and Lyudmyla Melnyk.
Elvira Kizilova worked on her Masters’ in Public Administration at the University of Arkansas and headed the Department for Foreign Cooperation and Image Policy which was responsible for international relations and promotion of the Crimean tourism overseas.
Lyudmyla Melnyk worked as a cross cultural technical facilitator for the U.S. Peace Corps in Ukraine (TEFL and youth development) in 2010-2011.  She has served as a facilitator, coordinator, and an interpreter in a variety of cultural programs both within Ukraine and abroad (USUF, Sister-City, Open World, CDC).

9 people - teachers from local schools and Volyn National University, librarians gathered at the Window on America Center in Lutsk to talk over the topic of  different  cultures, mainly Ukrainian and American. The speakers made the informative presentation of the main concepts of Cultures.
The next part of the Skype discussion was dedicated to the question of Education that was of great interest among the present teachers.

We believe every person can make a positive change to society and received knowledge on Intercultural Education will help the Ukrainian people to understand American way of life, its culture.

Monday, June 18, 2012

We Will Miss You, Melissa!!!!!!!

On June 17, 2012  15 Movie Club Members gathered at the Window on America Center to have interesting and lovely talk based on a movie  «Muppets» (2011), comedy and family by genre.
The Movie and Speaking Clubs (discussion after the movie) was led by America Peace Corps Volunteers Melissa Krut and Dominic Huether. It was the last Movie that Melissa led at the Center and to say
goodbye to the America Friend came 15 people.
Two and a half years ago our city had honour to meet Melissa Krut with a concrete mission - to promote world peace and friendship. During these years she worked hard teaching students of Volyn National University, working with English language teachers, etc. Also she was a part of Summer Camp ACT project that provided a chance for Ukrainian pupils to practice English, explore creativity and develop new skills in leadership, teamwork, and healthy lifestyles.

It is surprising but Melissa found time to come to the WOA Room in Lutsk every Sunday and to organize different informative events for whose people who wanted to get knowledge about the United States of America.
Time flies and Melissa’s time of work in Ukraine came to the end. So the farewell party that was organized at the Center on that day was a small but thoughtful gesture that let Melissa know how important she was to Ukrainian people and Ukraine in general.

Thank you, Melissa, for your great help! We will miss you a lot! We’ll be glad to meet you in Ukraine again)!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Camp ACT 2012!

On June 16, 2012 the Window on America Center hosted Camp ACT Planning Meeting for 13 America Peace Corps Volunteers from Rivnenska, Lvivska, Volynska Oblast and 3 Ukrainian Volunteers.

This camp will be held in early July in Shatsk and will provide a chance for Ukrainian pupils looking for a summer experience to practice English, explore creativity and develop new skills in leadership, teamwork, and healthy lifestyles.

The Camp ACT staff made up of half Ukrainians and half American Peace Corps Volunteers, will give all participants a truly special international experience.

See you soon in Shatsk!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Welcome, Film Lovers!

Regular Movie Club that took place at the Window on America Center in Lutsk on June 10th gathered 13 people who had great chance to watch movie «Best in Show».
Melissa Krut, the American Peace Corps Volunteer in Lutsk, led the related speaking discussion session after the movie. The present audience had a great chance to practice their English with native speaker.

 The film was shown in English and included subtitles.

The Movie Club members spent great time talking about and debating the quality of acting, characters, script, directing and music.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

50 Pupils of Gadyach Gymnasium Visited the Window on America Center in Lutsk

Lutsk Window on America Center gathered about 50 pupils of Gadyach gymnasium. The aim of the meeting was to learn more about the United States of America using the resources of the Center.

During the excursion the pupils learned about the WOA Center that provides accurate and current information about the United States of America. They were proposed to get brief but informative fragments of events with American and Ukrainian guests that were organized in the Center.

The excursion showed that the pupils were interested in the WOA Center materials and resources, mainly books and CDs on subjects ranging from history to culture to politics and films on DVD discs.

 Hope that our Center will help the pupils to make progress in English language learning using many types of reference materials that one can find at the Window in America Center in Lutsk. And, as always, enjoy your English learning and use up to date information!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Welcome to the Information Day!

On that day he WOA Center took part at the Information Day that is organized at the library one in two months.

The main objective of that day was to raise awareness of new arrivals to the Center. It is also aims to help people to get up to date information about the United States of America.
The visitors (17 people) were proposed to look through the books, video and audio materials on the following themes:
·         Books on methods of teaching English Language;
  • Dictionaries;
  • Books that contain information about Education in the USA, Exchange Programs;
  • Audio books .

Also there were presented a game «Apples to Apples» that make the process of language learning more interesting unusual and effective.

Welcome to WOA Center in Lutsk!

«John Cheever- a Novelist of Manners»

«John Cheever- a Novelist of Manners»  was the theme of book exhibition that gathered more than 60 people at the Window on America Center in Lutsk.
During the period of time from May 27 till May 30, 2012 the visitors of the center could get  more information about the American novelist and short story writer, called the "Chekhov of the suburbs".

The exhibition was of great interest among the visitors especially his early works.  Besides the audience could come and use modern technologies that the WOA center provided to read his works in electronic version.