Tuesday, December 11, 2018

English Speaking Club: A Journey to Alaska.

English Speaking Club: A Journey to Alaska.
December 11, 2018 the Speaking Club guests “visited” Alaska.
The meeting was filled with interesting information and activities that were fun and informative.
Leigh Scruggs, the American Peace Corp volunteer was the leader of the Club. She helped the present audience to explore Alaska and understand the state life! 

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Improve Your English Speaking!

…You have been invited to attend a meeting in the USA in some months, you have received an amazing promotion. All these scenarios have something in common – you need to get your English language quickly and effectively…

   Today the WOA Center in Lutsk hosted a meeting “How to Learn English Language Quickly”. The speaker come from Lviv, he knows 8 language, traveler, language barrier expert, an AngloArmy  founder -  Andrij Stefurak.

The following items were discussed:
  • ·         Understand your learning style;
  • ·         Think about good quality online material;
  • ·         Feed your interests and motivations;
  • ·         Practice makes perfect;
  • ·         Do something everyday;
  • ·         Take risks;
  • ·         Talk to native speakers;
  • ·         Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

There are much more ways to learn language! Come to the WOA Center, find what best works for you and enjoy speaking the language!

Public Speaking Practice at the WOA Center in Lutsk!

Have a fear of Public Speaking?

 Overcome and take your communication skills to a new of mastery!!!!!

Every Sunday join the Public Speaking Club prepared by experienced Peace Corps Volunteer Scott Ludwig and Vladimir Leontiev.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Make US States Come to Life with the WOA Center Speaking Club!

Today the WOA Center in Lutsk hosted a weekly Speaking Club, the topic was the State of Texas.
The present audience reviewed the information, discussed the following :

1.       What do you already know about Texas?
2.       What is Texas most well known for?
3.       What would you like to know about Texas?

The leader of the Club, the American Peace Corp Volunteer Leigh Scruggs led the event and helped the visitors retain interesting and new information.