Monday, April 25, 2016


23 квітня відзначається Міжнародний день англійської мови. З цієї нагоди, за підтримки Посольства США в Україні ІЦ «Вікно в Америку», було організовано флешмоб. 

Під час якого  працівники нашої бібліотеки, учасники клубів та Сем Абрамс – волонтер Корпусу Миру, роздавали плакати  в ресторани та кафе нашого міста з підказками, як спілкуватися англійською мовою з клієнтами.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Запрошуємо Усіх!!!

23 квітня Міжнародний День англійської мови.
Запрошуємо усіх прийняти участь у флешмобі з роздачі плакатів та листівок у ресторани та таксі з підказками, як спілкуватися англійською з клієнтами!

Fargo at WOA Center in Lutsk!

U.S. Cities Club with Window on America went to the north central part of America and brought Fargo, North Dakota to the library.

The audience was very active this evening as they learned about different dishes, different phrases that they say, Roger Maris, famous places, and the music scene in Fargo. They tested their knowledge in Jeopardy and in Bingo.

It was a wonderful Tuesday evening.

Monday, April 18, 2016

A Labyrinth of Words with Window on America!

A Labyrinth of Words with Window on America introduced some of the world's most dangerous animals to members today.

Deathstalker, honey badger, great white shark, Africanized honey bee, pufferfish, poison arrow frog, the black mamba, hippo, African hunting dogs, redback spiders, platypuses, saltwater crocodiles, ghost bats, praying mantis, peregrine falcon, rhino, stonefish, cape buffalo, box jellyfish, tse tse fly, and others were learned about.

Sam Abrams, American Peace Corps Volunteer, was a head of the meeting!

Come and join us next Sunday at 1p.m.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Poker at WOA Center in Lutsk

April 16, 2016 at our Let the Game Begin with Window on America brought poker to the library as the weather caused us to stay indoors.

Sam Abrams, American Peace Corps Volunteer, explained the rules of this game and taught us how to play poker.

It was a great time and interesting game! Come and join us next Saturday at 2p.m.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Trip aroud America! Boston.

U.S. Cities Club with Window on America continued its journey around America and this evening it went to the east coast.

Pupils from local school №18 and teachers from University joined us and enjoyed learning about Boston.


       They learned about some famous people Benjamin Franklin, James Spader, Uma Thurman, Eliza Dushku, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Harry Carney, Casey Desmond, and Paula Kelley. They lost learned about different music groups, sports teams, local food, monuments, and attractions of Boston.

  Sam Abrams (American Peace Corps Volunteer in Lutsk) was the head of this meeting.

      The visitors showed great interest in such kind of work, so we welcome everyone to join our US Cities Club and to learn English with us!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Palikka with WOA Center in Lutsk!

On April 9, 2016 started our new club. Let the Games Begin with Window on America introduced palikka to members.

The numerous visitors played and had fun. It was very interesting game.

Sam Abrams, the American Pearce Corps volunteer in Lutsk was the leader of the club and explained us how to play palikka.