Thursday, December 14, 2017

Excursion for English Language teachers

 Window on America Center in Lutsk hosted a meeting for English language teachers from local and regional schools.

 The aims of the meeting were:

·         Raise awareness of the materials and resources that can be used effectively in teaching;

·         Highlight examples of good practice in the use of materials (events, meetings)

 The valuable resources that we have at the Window on America Center, will provide helpful ideals on key teaching topics!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Volunteer Fest

 On December 2-5, 2017, Volunteer Fest  was  held in various cities
across Ukraine to mark International Volunteer Day.
The Volunteer Fest was included fairs, flash mobs, discussions, living libraries, movie theaters and contests organized in America House Kyiv and the Window to America Centers around Ukraine.
         Organizers of the Volunteer Fest, UN Volunteers programme, America House Kyiv, GoGlobal, with the support of the Ukrainian Volunteer Service, AIESEC and Peace Corps, aim was to show that volunteering is a driving force of change in the country. The volunteer movement can also contribute to economic growth and
positively affect the development of civil society.
         Despite the importance of volunteering, a 2016 study conducted by the United Nations and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine found that only 13.4 % of young people in Ukraine have volunteered at least once in their life. According to the 2017 CAF index of volunteering, Ukraine was ranked 83rd among 139 countries. Although it is 7 grades higher than in the previous year, many Ukrainians are still not fully aware of what volunteering means, its benefits, or how to get involved.

During the Volunteer Fest, Ukrainians had the opportunity to learn how volunteering can help them take part in civic engagement. By volunteering, everyone can influence the development of their community, help others, gain valuable professional experience and develop new skills.

 The Volunteer Fest was also feature volunteers from all over the world, who shared their experiences and talk about various volunteer opportunities in Ukraine and abroad.

Peace Corps Volunteer Cara Schroeder 
We invited to our center 2 Public Organizations, Peace Corps Volunteer Cara Schroeder and UN volunteer Nadija Kovalevych. They shared their experience as a volunteer, and talk about their lives as volunteers.

UN volunteer Nadija Kovalevych