Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Window on America Center in Lutsk- US cities club!

                                                     This week'sstop was Kansas City. 

Barbecue was discussed, fountains, Tech-Nine, Swope park, River City Market, the Negro League Museum, and other things were talked about.

Thank you to Sam Abrams and Irina Kulesha!

They did an amazing job!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Window on America Center in Lutsk: Visit, Learn, Explore!

On September 29, 2015 the Window on America Center in Lutsk hosted a meeting for English language teachers from local and regional schools.

The aims of the meeting were:

·         Raise awareness of the materials and resources that can be used effectively in teaching;

·         Highlight examples of good practice in the use of materials (events, meetings)

·         Provide ideas for the use of E Library USA materials in teaching

The valuable resources that we have at the Window on America Center, will provide helpful ideals on key teaching topics!

              Welcome to the Center! 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Volyn region… Lutsk….three days before the Ukrainian Library Day….

Today, three days before the Ukrainian Library Day, the librarians together with visitors, Peace Corps Volunteer – Sam Abrams – began to celebrate the holiday.
The celebration was unusual – the official opening of the parking for bicycles near the library for the users. 

The youngest reader of that rainy day Denys cut the ribbon and the excursion started.

The participants made stops near different monuments and places of interest connected to the life if Lesya Ukrainka and Kosach family. 

After the excursion the participants had a great 
chance to communicate, play games in Ukrainian and in Eglish or read an interesting book!!!!!!

Thank You everyone who made this cold rainy day warm and beautiful!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Велоекскурсія вулицями міста Луцька!

27 вересня 2015 року біля Волинської ДОУНБ імені Олени Пчілки розпочнеться заключний етап проекту "Window Go Biking" "Windows Go Biking" - це відкриття велопарковки та велоекскурсія вулицями міста Луцька.

Старт о 12 год. від майданчика біля Волинської ДОУНБ імені Олени Пчілки.

 Приєднуйтеся до нас на велосипедах!
Будемо популяризовати ресурси бібліотеки, читати вірші Лесі Українки англійською та українською мовами!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Window on America Center in Lutsk- US cities club-the next stop was San Diego!

This week the visitors talked about San Diego.

New burgers and sandwiches were invented by those who attended. Torrey Pines, La Jolla Cova, Julian Apple Pie, Roberto's, Jack in the box, Shaun White, Cameron Diaz, and more.

The present audience played San Diego bingo. 
Thank you to every one who spent their evening with Window on America.
And big "Thank you" to our leader - Sam Abrams!!!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Explore the United States of America!

The Window on America Center in Lutsk is working towards ensuring that the citizents become aware of Americ’s  50 states.

On that day the pupils visited the Center with the aim – to learn about U.S. regions and states, discover the interesting facts.

Welcome to the Center and move to another city in the United States with us!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Want to Implement Effective Pedagogies in and beyond the Classroom? Come to the Window on America Center in Lutsk and Use Free Up-to-date Educational Resources!

On September 16, 2015 the Window on America Center in Lutsk hosted a meeting for the teachers of English language from local and regional schools.

During the meeting the audience learned about the latest collection of English language learning and teaching resources at the Center.

The focus was made on the resources that help educators in becoming more familiar with modern technologies associated with teaching and learning English language, mainly
types of learning and teaching resources;
strategies for effective resources development;
 Kindles in teaching and learning English;

guidance on how resources can be effectively used with examples of good practice.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Window on America in Lutsk-US Cities Club!

This week the present audience talked about Philadelphia.

A handout of slang spoken in Seattle and Philadelphia were given out.

Knowledge of famous landmarks, firsts in America-hospital, zoo, soda, and capital.

Different foods were studied and interesting questions were asked. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

“Let’s Talk About Seattle” was the topic of discussion that attracted people to the Window on America Center in Lutsk.

The lecture was led by Sam Abrams, the American Pearce Corps Volunteer in Lutsk

During the event the present audience learned about the city history, places of interest, etc.

The main accent was maid on the speaking. The visitors were involved in language activities and had a great chance to speak English and make friends with our dear friend from America)))))

Thank You, Sam, for your great help! 

We are so happy to have such informative meetings at out Center! 

“Let’s Talk About America” Lecture Series at the Window on America center in Lutsk!

Are you ready to learn more about USA, its history, culture, art and nature, want to improve their language skills? 
 If this describes you, we invite to attend our meeting on Tuesday at 5.30 PM.

This will be a great time to learn more about the United States of America and to have discussion with Sam Abrams, the American Pearce Corps Volunteer in Lutsk

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Good Start of New Study Year at the Window on America Center in Lutsk!

During the day the Window on America Center staff met groups of pupils from local schools.

 The goal of the meetings was to attract new people to the Center, to encourage them to Read, to give detailed information about the resources that one could use when learning about the United States of America.

Great number of the hands out about the Window on America  services, literacy programs, foreign language classes were given to the pupils.

The WOA Center staff and the librarians congratulate on a Knowledge Day all the library users which traditionally start a study year at the Volyn Research Library!!!