Sunday, February 10, 2019

Debate Competition 2019 at Volyn Research Library!

During these two days more than 50 participants took part at the event and debated on issues related to scientific issues that influenced our everyday life. Debate Competition 2019 at Volyn Research Library!
February 09- February 10, 2019 the WOA Center in Lutsk hosted the annual Debate Competion.

The Debate Competition was not only about Competition itself, but an educational extended activity that included, familiarization with scientific issues, issues of ethics, law, politics and science.
Through the Competition the participants:
• cultivated their communication skills, by analysing and composing views and arguments, conversing, disagreeing and resolving conflicts;
• cultivated their ability to effectively and creatively use the English language;
• learned to collaborate, working in groups, sharing information and ideas acquire knowledge and skills on scientific issues;

The event was of great success. It motivated the visitors to overcome stage fear and showcase their talents

Debate does not only teach a person how to win an argument, but also instructs the person for a great amount of life essential skills.

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