Thursday, February 25, 2016

Event dedicated to the 145th anniversary of the Prominent Ukrainian Writer, Ethnographer, Translator – Lesya Ukrainka.

‪#‎УкраінаSpeaking‬ The Window on America Center in Lutsk Supports the Year of English Language!

During these days the Ukrainian people host different events devoted to prominent Ukrainian writer, ethnographer, translator – Lesya Ukrainka series of events, competitions, exhibitions, presentations.

The Volyn research library, together with Specialized School # 1 took part in the celebrarion of Lesya Ukrainka Anniversary.

The creative presentation about life and works of well known Ukrainian poetess was led by Dasha Lepko, the pupil of that school. The participants read poems of Lesya Ukrainka in English, staged some fragments from her plays.

The event was held in unusual way so a lot of information was given, amount of poems were read in English.

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